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You know how sometimes a local restaurant or watering hole will be popular but still not very good? Locals flock there because they always have, even when the food or drink doesn’t warrant the attention.  I was curious whether this was true about Frontier Restaurant.  It’s location across from UNM‘s main campus also gave me pause because, well, students will eat most anything if it’s reasonably priced and convenient.

But, no! The food is actually tasty! Check out what our late-night group feasted upon:

Cinnamon roll, a must with every visit

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/> Cinnamon roll, a must with every visit


Delicious smothered burrito


Green chile cheeseburger and fries


Generous portion of chicken nachos


Chicken tortilla soup, oj


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For our return drive from Emerald Isle, NC to Albuquerque, NM, the Film & Food fam decided to spend the first night in Asheville again. Even though we could have driven more miles and made better head-way into the grueling drive home, the fam loved the city of A-ville so much we felt it worth another visit.

When walking through the Shop and Dine district on our previous visit, we passed by Strada Italiano and were halted in our steps by the appetizing aromas wafting through the air.  But on that day, our teen wasn’t in the mood for Italian food so we ended up at LAB (read our review here).  This time, however, we all wanted to discover what had smelled so appealing and made our way to Strada.

Start your meal off right with one of the fresh breads, baked daily and also for purchase. (Discount if you are also dining) Please excuse Mr’s un-manicured nails in the pic below. Our excuse: we were traveling.

Home-made bread with red peppers and the obligatory oil, vinegar, and herb concoction


Pepperoni pizza for the TeenGirl

We have a local place here in ABQ which we love (shout out to DaVinci’s Gourmet Pizza!) and TeenGirl said this pizza was even better. That is high praise because DaVinci’s is pretty amazing.  She had two slices left which she took back to the hotel and enjoyed for her “midnight snack.”

Penne with bolognese of beef, pork, and veal. Also a side of sausage. Meat!


Bistecca with chianti reduction, potatoes, garlic spinach, and cannellini

The focus here is on local, seasonal food.  Strada Italiano, open since March of this year, already has garnered a large local and tourist following due to the consistent adherence to “going green.” While you are there, check out the bamboo flooring. And sit in Alyssa’s section. She’s an awesome person and a fab waitress! <waves at Alyssa>

Strada Italiano

27 Broadway, Asheville

(828) 348-8448


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Do you crave pho?  We do.  And we’ve tried quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in Albuquerque to find pho with a soup base which doesn’t overpower all the other little goodies you add.  Saigon has it! With two locations, you don’t have very far to drive to get your pho on.

The rooster crows

The rooster crows as much as you like.

Shrimp curry

Shrimp curry




Shrimp and pork dish

Shrimp and pork dish


Fried tofu and noodles, for the purist

Fried tofu and noodles, for the purist

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We are addicted to O’Niell’s chicken wings. Often, we drive by and sigh. We can’t go a week or more without their wings. Get yourself a Guinness (or a delicious root beer, if you so desire), some funky Irish fusion dishes and chill.  If you feel adventurous, try the corned beef and cabbage egg rolls. Yes, that read “egg rolls.”  But since St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, have yourself something a bit more authentic. It’s all good.

Root Beer at O'Niell's

Fish and Chips

Delicious meaty chicken wings and drumsticks

Onion rings

O'Niell's Pub - Heights on Urbanspoon

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