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You know how sometimes a local restaurant or watering hole will be popular but still not very good? Locals flock there because they always have, even when the food or drink doesn’t warrant the attention.  I was curious whether this was true about Frontier Restaurant.  It’s location across from UNM‘s main campus also gave me pause because, well, students will eat most anything if it’s reasonably priced and convenient.

But, no! The food is actually tasty! Check out what our late-night group feasted upon:

Cinnamon roll, a must with every visit

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/> Cinnamon roll, a must with every visit


Delicious smothered burrito


Green chile cheeseburger and fries


Generous portion of chicken nachos


Chicken tortilla soup, oj


Frontier Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Last month, Film and Food were honored to help in the friendly judging at the A-City Summer Jam. Jojo, of Jojo’s Salsa Machine and Duke City Food Trucks, organized a fiesta truck pod at the far end of the event space at Balloon Fiesta Park.

A-City Summer Jam 2012


We had a chance to chat with Jojo as he was preparing for customers. Did you know he buys all the meats for his dishes at a local butcher? Good to know for you slow-fooding locavores.  Also, stay tuned for a new menu set to roll out soon!  But don’t worry. All your old favorites are still around.

Jojo from Jojo’s Salsa Machine

Fresh tomatoes ready for slicing

Want fries with that?

Ready to make your burgers!


We joined Alejo from Party NM as we waited for each food truck to bring us what they considered their best offering of the day. First, we had some authentic Mexican tacos from Sanchez Tacos.  Made with tender carne asada and topped with cilantro, onions, lime, and your choice of homemade green or red chili, these tacos quickly scored high points with the judges. Each of the Sanchez Tacos food trucks make their chili fresh daily.

Traditional Mexican tacos from Sanchez Tacos

Extreme close-up

Carlos Sanchez has four food trucks at various locations around ABQ. You can find Carlos himself in front of Fair & Square Market at the corner of Rhode Island and Central.

One of the Sanchez Tacos food trucks

A working family

Earlier, while getting the lay of the land, Film and Food ran across Shay Patchell, of The Chopping Block.

The Chopping Block


Shay Patchell delivers his beer-battered asparagus

We were eyeing the fried asparagus so that was the dish he prepared for the panel.  Fresh asparagus spears in a light beer batter flavored with red chile and topped with sea salt, lemons, and fresh parsley. Delicious!


Check out this burrito from the Pink Ladies! They make their own pink tortillas and stuff them with carne asada, green and red chile, lettuce, cheese, rice, beans, and chopped onions.  These things are enormous and quite filling. The Pink Ladies know how to do it right!

Thank YOU, Pink Ladies!

pink burrito

Look for the Pink Ladies


Pizza 9 was there too so we decided to try their deep-dish pizzas to take advantage of the opportunity. The thick crust was not doughy as expected but buttery and crunchy. Here’s a picture of their sausage Chicago-style pizza:

Pizza 9

Look for Pizza 9 in various locations around ABQ


And the winner of the food truck pod fiesta was Joanie & Art’s Smoke Style BBQ.

Smoke Style BBQ at its best.

Art gave us chicken, ribs, sweet and saucy sausage and “that there stuff” which was a mix of beans, potatoes, BBQ sauce, and green onion.  The meat had a wonderful smoky flavor which wasn’t overpowering but instead balanced.


that there stuff

Art with his winner’s cap from Film & Food

smoky BBQ

Find Art’s blue truck and get some BBQ!


Film & Food had a blast and now have some new favorites around town.  Maybe we’ll see you at one of these local food trucks for dinner!




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