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Yes, I’ve been neglecting my poor blog here. I’m a full-time student now and super busy. But I really miss Film & Food and want to help it grow… so here I am again.

If you are bored this weekend, with no plans, or you want to do some hardcore geek-watching, head over to the Albuquerque Convention Center for the Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE). You can buy tickets at the door and even get a VIP pass for all the events and panels.

My 14-yr old is most excited about seeing “Xander” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Taylor, who does the U.S. dub for “Ash Ketchum” for Pokemon. She isn’t into Pokemon now but wow, we were uber immersed years ago.  We all still have a soft spot in our hearts for Pikachu.

Now, her mom (er, me) is looking forward to the Tromadance NM 10th Anniversary Film Festival.

Tromadance NM. Oh, yes!

Tromadance NM. Oh, yes!

Yesterday, we were asked by Duke City Food Trucks, a coalition of local mobile cuisine trucks, to help judge the food truck fiesta at the A-City Summer Jam.  Jojo, of Jojo’s Salsa Machine, heads this coalition which in reality operates as more of a family.  Seriously, these are a good group of people.


The ever-cheerful and friendly Jojo


Organized by Zia Kings Entertainment, the Summer Jam featured bully cars, hip hop artists both local and international, and a carnival along with several food trucks in the Duke City Food Trucks group.

Film & Food were there along with Party NM to help judge the trucks in a friendly competition.  We enjoyed every single offering and it was quite difficult for us all to choose just one. But in the end, that honor went to Joanie and Art’s Famous Smoked Style Bar-B-Que.  In the upcoming posts, we’ll be reviewing each, showing you samples of each truck’s menu, and most importantly, telling you where you can find their trucks around ABQ.

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