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We’re kicking off our new feature here at Film & Food with three Weekend Picks.  We utilize Redbox, Amazon Instant, Netflix, Dailymotion, and our own extensive movie collection.

And please, let us know what you’re watching this weekend!

I’m a huge classic Godzilla fan so I was quite pleased to find a lot of these films on Dailymotion. Enjoy Son of Godzilla.

Son Of Godzilla by crazedigitalmovies

(Little tip: sometimes Dailymotion embeds require you to reload the page to get it show up.)

One of my favorite movies, even with a glaring continuity error that makes me crazy every time I see it…The Big White!



And lastly, my 14-year-old chose Summer Wars, even though we’ve seen it many many times already. She’s my kid, what can I say!


As a bonus, here is the extremely catchy song from the film:



I think I was not in the mood for a masturbatory artsy flick so in love with itself that it lost its way.  So, of course, I have to say that Drive was not enjoyable for me.  It wasn’t the gore. I actually rented this because  I heard it was violent. That’s the kind of gal I am.  The “gore” was sudden and unexpected (if one had not read reviews beforehand) and I think that is why it was so “shocking” to critics and moviegoers.

From the very start, it felt like an homage to 60s/70s French cop flicks . It felt like I’d seen this before.  The credits font, the electro-pop score, the way music was used, the camera angles were all so familiar.  It felt like affectation. Still, it felt tight and I was geared up for, what I thought, was going to be a fun ride (pun intended).

What I disliked the most was that I could see all too clearly where the director was headed. I was too aware of the little tricks with pacing, for example.  And it felt false, like it was just for the sake of making an arthouse film rather than making a kick-ass film which happened to be arty.  I wonder at the repackaging into an indie, as well. Something to muse on…

What I did like, though, was Albert Brooks. He was a scary mutha, wasn’t he? “Don’t worry. That’s it. It’s done. There’s no pain, it’s over.” Oh my god, he was brilliant. Who knew Albert fucking Brooks could be so frightful and mesmerizing?

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