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We’re kicking off our new feature here at Film & Food with three Weekend Picks.  We utilize Redbox, Amazon Instant, Netflix, Dailymotion, and our own extensive movie collection.

And please, let us know what you’re watching this weekend!

I’m a huge classic Godzilla fan so I was quite pleased to find a lot of these films on Dailymotion. Enjoy Son of Godzilla.

Son Of Godzilla by crazedigitalmovies

(Little tip: sometimes Dailymotion embeds require you to reload the page to get it show up.)

One of my favorite movies, even with a glaring continuity error that makes me crazy every time I see it…The Big White!



And lastly, my 14-year-old chose Summer Wars, even though we’ve seen it many many times already. She’s my kid, what can I say!


As a bonus, here is the extremely catchy song from the film:

Countdown to the holidays with Film & Food

Countdown to the holidays with Film & Food


I grew up in the ’80s so this is the sort of thing we saw on television around numberswiki.com

this time of year.


I love George C. “Patton” Scott.  He was in a lot of my favorites from this era: The Changeling, Taps, Oliver Twist…The man was busy!



Countdown to the holidays with Film & Food

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” is a Rankin and Bass Christmas classic.


Yukon Cornelius was always my favorite. I remember watching this on television growing up. Yes, I’m *that* old.


Note: FOURTH link I’ve posted…hope this one lasts! Some Scrooge doesn’t want you to see Rudolph!

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