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Here’s The Orphanage. Just for you.


I love Halloween.  I love scary. I love gore. I love spooky.  So here are some Halloween-type flicks you can watch right here without leaving this page.

Let’s start with this indie zombie short, I Love Sarah Jane, by Spencer Susser.  It’s not scary. Has very little gore. But it’s so touching that I have to share it with everyone I know.  And it might get you in the mood for the films to come. Enjoy!


I’ve eaten at Church Street Cafe three times. Each time, I think somehow it will dazzle me but it never does. I do, however, believe it has one of the prettiest outdoor seating areas in ABQ.  The fountain and overhanging grape leaves attract tiny curious birds and the setting is relaxed and comfortable.

enchilada combo plate




chile relleno, enchilada, and tamale combo with spinach instead of rice


I just can’t bring myself to try eating there again. I usually give a restaurant three tries before I give up.  The gorgeous back patio isn’t enough to make me return.



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Travel a little further south on Wyoming, away from the *DD* donut place, ahem, and you’ll find Rebel Donut, where you can get donuts “made by humans,” as our cashier put it.  It’s a specialty shop so you’ll see such beauties as a maple and bacon topped donut or toasted marshmallow donuts. Yum!

bacon? Yes, please!


How can one decide?! All so good!


Definitely affordable

our goodies!

Rebel Donut is open 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri and 7am to 4pm Sat and Sun, for all your donut-craving needs.
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You really can’t beat the prices at Golden Chopsticks. The portions are generous, too. The cooks in the open kitchen are quick and will get your order out faster than you can watch this old video of the Back Dorm Boys lip syncing Chinese opera:

Everything we’ve ordered there has been fresh and not weighed down in sauce. Even the delicious orange chicken with its sticky, spicy sauce manages to remain light.

Spicy orange chicken


My absolute favorite thing on the menu is so inexpensive, it feels like I’m cheating somehow. Their wonton soup is the best in ABQ. You have to try it!

I always go get a double order of this when I’m sick


When you crave Chinese food, make a stop at Golden Chopsticks. You won’t be sorry! Sihk faahn!


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