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Outsider in a village seeks to learn tai chi from the master but villagers are forbidden from sharing their knowledge. He must earn their respect and gratitude before they will allow him to study their secret art.

Tai Chi O

Tai Chi O poster

Tai Chi O, the first in a planned trilogy, will be distributed by Well Go USA so there is a very high chance we will actually get to view it.  With  Stephen Fung directing  and Sammo Hung as action director, we’re practically salivating here.  Diversion Pictures is hell bent on creating a new Chinese martial arts star and we’ll be keeping an eye on what develops.

When the trailer hits the internet, we’ll make sure you get to see it.

We aren’t the first ones who were instantly reminded of Wes Anderson when viewing the trailer for Dennis Lee’s newest film, Jesus Henry Christ.  Still, that’s not a bad thing, right? Could be worse.

We’re a little bit over the precocious kid needs a human side to balance his/her intellect story arc. However, this has promise. Mainly, we are interested in what Toni Collette and Michael Sheen do the material they were given.  In limited release April 20th.

Jesus Henry Christ poster

The new Wes Anderson?


We at Film&Food fell hard when Fellowship arrived in the theaters eleven years ago. We had themed parties for cinematic and DVD releases of the trilogy. We scoured the net for any scrap of information to feed our greedy little fan hearts. If you are anything like us, you’re enjoying the production videos taken on The Hobbit set.  To all others, I give you, The Hobbit Blog.

The Hobbit

Prison break in space? Okay. Sure. Why not? With Luc Besson producing and credited with co-authoring the script,  Lockout, alternately titled MS One: Maximum Security, should prove to be, at the very least, an entertaining action flick.  We hope the presence of Guy Pearce and Peter “I need unguent” Stormare in the cast will help to elevate up and out of the stereotype.  Let’s find out on April 20th, when it comes to a theater near you.


Do you crave pho?  We do.  And we’ve tried quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in Albuquerque to find pho with a soup base which doesn’t overpower all the other little goodies you add.  Saigon has it! With two locations, you don’t have very far to drive to get your pho on.

The rooster crows

The rooster crows as much as you like.

Shrimp curry

Shrimp curry




Shrimp and pork dish

Shrimp and pork dish


Fried tofu and noodles, for the purist

Fried tofu and noodles, for the purist

Saigon on Urbanspoon

We are addicted to O’Niell’s chicken wings. Often, we drive by and sigh. We can’t go a week or more without their wings. Get yourself a Guinness (or a delicious root beer, if you so desire), some funky Irish fusion dishes and chill.  If you feel adventurous, try the corned beef and cabbage egg rolls. Yes, that read “egg rolls.”  But since St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, have yourself something a bit more authentic. It’s all good.

Root Beer at O'Niell's

Fish and Chips

Delicious meaty chicken wings and drumsticks

Onion rings

O'Niell's Pub - Heights on Urbanspoon

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